Woman taking stand against drugs

Shilo Thomas says something has to be done about the drug and alcohol problem on Woodland Cree First Nation.

‘No more lives lost. . .’

Susan Thompson
South Peace News

Shilo Thomas is staging a protest outside the Woodland Cree band office to bring awareness to the amount of deaths from drugs and alcohol in the area.

“I’m doing the sit in as protest to the drugs that have taken so much from our community,” Thomas says.

“I’m doing this so no more lives lost. I’m doing this so we don’t close any more coffins. No more children, our future, dying. My generation should not be outliving the younger generation.”

In a statement on Facebook, she writes, “Have a strong belief in my people, community and family. We have beautiful amazingly talented people here. I sit here trying to show that I won’t let you go easily…You are not unloved or unwanted, by being against drugs this is my way of saying you matter, you may be lost but not forever there is light, if you can’t be your own I will give you some of mine.”

About a dozen people in the community have passed away this year from suicide or overdoses recently, according to community members.

Thomas says they are all family even if they are not her immediate family.

Thomas adds drugs are an epidemic in most communities, not just her own.

“This needs to be addressed, that’s why I do this.”

Thomas started protesting on Monday, July 20 and spent several days raising awareness. She has stopped while the office is closed for a spiritual week, and will be back again on Aug. 4.

“I’m going until I actually see something done,” Thomas says. “I don’t actually know what can be done to make me stop.

“I need to see a week, a month, a year, where we are not burying another person’s child from this.”

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