Woman proposing community garden in High Prairie

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

A woman who recently moved back to the High Prairie area wants to start a community garden.

Chevannah Ward appeared at High Prairie town council’s meeting April 23 to pitch the idea.

She told council with the rising costs of food, “I want to help people.”

She envisions growing mixed vegetables where people could rent plots, harvest the vegetables and freeze them.

Berry plots were also mentioned.

Ward, who has the equipment to water the garden, asked that Jaycee Park be considered or another location at council’s suggestion.

“Empty lots, I guess,” she said.

Mayor and council applauded her efforts.

“A very noble cause,” said Mayor Brian Panasiuk.

Concerns over the Jaycee Park location arose including vandalism and deer helping themselves to a snack.

“Deer also taste very good,” quipped Councillor James Waikle.

However, the potential threat of attracting bears for an easy meal was not mentioned.

Council left the matter to CAO Bill McKennan to come up with ideas to move the project forward.

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