Woman digs into own pocket to feed many

J.B. Wood Continuing Care resident Pollyanne Cardinal, seated at right, donated several containers full of food to Big Lakes Family Community Support Services Oct. 30 for their community food cupboards in hamlets. Left-right, are volunteer and friend Pauline Lavell, Grouard and Joussard community worker Danielle Cox, Enilda and High Prairie community worker Nancy Marquardt, and Cardinal.

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

To say that Pollyanne Cardinal has a heart of gold would be an understatement.

For several years now, she has dug into her own pockets to purchase several large containers of food for others who need assistance. Oct. 30, Big Lakes Family and Community Support Servies received the donation, earmarked for their community food cupboard program in county hamlets.

“I’ve done it about four years,” says Cardinal, who resides at J.B. Wood Continuing Care in High Prairie.

She makes the donation because she knows what it is like to live in hard times. As a youth, she says she experienced those times and knows what it feels like.

The fact she also gives her donation anonymously adds to her generosity. No matter who receives the donation, she knows it is helping others.

“It’s not all about the homeless,” says Cardinal. “It’s all about Jesus Christ and his teachings of sharing.”

Cardinal receives a few donations to help in her endeavour, preferring to reach into her own pocket for a good cause.

Cardinal says she will continue to make her annual donation as long as she can.

Community food cupboards in Big Lakes County are located in hamlets at Enilda, Faust, Grouard, Joussard, and Kinuso.

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