Will chickens rule the roost?

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Chickens could soon be allowed in Falher.
At its regular meeting May 3, council discussed a request from a resident who wants to raise chickens on property in town limits.
After much discussion, council passed a motion to table the request and take the issue to the community.
Council plans to host an open house where the issue will be presented although no date has been set.
Mayor Donna Buchinski wants to have consensus from town citizens before council would approve the request.
“We want to have a good portion of people who support it,” she said.
“This will affect more of our residents.
“Residents need to have input.”
Buchinski opposes poultry in the community.
“I do not want chickens,” she said, adding chickens would impact neighbouring properties.
“You are devaluing the property beside you,” Buchinski said.
She suggested one idea for anyone who wants to raise chickens.
“You can live on an acreage where people can raise animals.”
Councillor Daniel Morin supports the idea.
“I see see raising chickens as an enriching opportunity,” he said.
“It could potentially save people money.”
Councillor Robert Lauze agreed.
“I’m good with chickens,” he said.
However, he added the issue needs to be further discussed.
CAO James Bell told council enforcing a bylaw for chickens will play a big role.
“The biggest challenge will be enforcement.”
Councillor Gaetane Pizycki agreed.
“One person may take good care of their chickens, while another person won’t,” she said.
“Some people will be good with the bylaw and others don’t care.”
Council wants to host an open house in the coming months to present several issues and proposals and invite residents to comment and offer ideas.
Plans to host an open house last May were cancelled by COVID-19 restrictions. Council then planned the event for fall, but it also did not occur.

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