Wildrose criticizes Notley over carbon

Wildrose Party
News release
With the NDP carbon tax set to jack up prices on everything in just over two weeks, Premier Rachel Notley has shown once again how out of touch she is with hardworking Albertans who simply won’t be able to afford the new tax, the Wildrose Official Opposition said today (Dec. 15).

When asked in a news conference about how the carbon tax will impact Albertans, Notley said that if and when gas prices go up because of the tax, taking the bus or walking are other options.

This follows a pattern of the Premier previously calling Alberta “embarrassing cousins” and telling Albertans to “make better choices” when trying to deal with the carbon tax.

“The Premier has a choice here – she can forge ahead with her risky carbon tax, or she can listen to the overwhelming majority of Albertans who are pleading the NDP to not go ahead with this plan,” Wildrose Leader Brian Jean said.

“While the Premier lives in the bubble of a six figure salary and a motorcade, taking the bus or walking simply isn’t an option for many families going about their daily lives or hardworking Albertans with lengthy commutes trying to make a decent living.”

The carbon tax is set to be implemented on Jan. 1, 2017, and to date the NDP have refused to release a comprehensive economic impact analysis of what the tax will cost Alberta families.

“Our economy is struggling, over 100,000 Albertans have lost their jobs, and the NDP’s solution is to add another tax onto families in our province,” Jean said. “The ripple effects of this tax will be enormous, and we will see families and businesses struggling with even more investment leaving our province.

The Premier must scrap this tax.”

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