Who knew buttons were so much fun?

Grade 5P student Alison Cox, the gold medal winner of the class Iditarod Reading contest.

Dutch Degner
Tyra Shantz
HPE Reporters

This is Dutch and Tyra reporting to you from High Prairie Elementary School.
In Grade 2CL, students continue to practice describing, extending, comparing, and creating patterns using buttons and other manipulatives and symbols. Students love using buttons! They are so much fun to classify, too! Students sort them by colour, shape, fancy, plain, textured and smooth, and by many other attributes, as well. Button boxes and jars at home are the perfect learning toys! Grandmas and Kokoms knew this secret a long time ago!
Students in the KJ kindergarten class loved checking out the changes in weather, from splashing in puddles to creating streams and dams. Students had fun watching and noting the daily changes in weather.
In Grade 3/4S, the class enjoyed a presentation about trapping that was presented by Ramzey Zallum. Students will next enjoy a hands-on presentation tat Jaycee Park where students will learn about snares and build one themselves.
The Grade 5 students in Grade 5/6C learned a lot from the Grade 6 students last week. The Grade 6 students each gave a presentation about a different part of the Iroquois Confederation. The Grade 5 students than played Jeopardy! games about the Iroquois Confederation that the Grade 6s created. Fun was had by all and a lot of learning.
In Grade 5P, the class has its Iditarod Reading Race winner! The gold medal goes to Alison Cox. She read a total of 31 books in 12 days. Congratulations to Alison!
Students in Grade 3LM are putting their time tables to the test against a Grade 6 class. Let’s see if the hard work pays off!
The theme of Earth Day 2022 is Invest in our Planet. Earth Day is April 22 and HPE would like to encourage all its students to bring their lunch in non-disposable containers and create zero waste.
ECS registration and open house is April 21 at 5:30 p.m. Children are welcome to attend, refreshments will be served, a school tour and presentation given, and a take-home gift for each ECS registrant. If you have any questions, please call HPE at [780] 523-4531.
This has been Dutch and Tyra reporting to you from HPE.

This is Jeopardy! Left-right are Evan Douglas, Danica Doucette and Judeah Gilroy playing the Jeopardy! games they created with the Grade 5s in Grade 5/6C. Questions were all based on the Iroquois Confederation.

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