When the snow flies, Big Lakes will be ready

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Big Lakes County is ready to clear the way for residents to get out of their driveways after a heavy snowfall.
At its regular meeting Nov. 23, council approved changes to their policy for plowing snow in private residential driveways in the county.
“Administration is recommending an update to the policy that focuses on the essential objective of providing access to residences,” said Kevin Cymbaluk, director of public works.
“The service is provided to ratepayers in good financial standing with the County.”
Emergency and urgent responses would be done on a case-specific basis as approved by the CAO.
The policy adds that condominium associations, county-controlled recreation areas and all county facilities are included in the policy.
No fee is charged for snowplowing in situations that require immediate emergency or urgent attention as determined by the CAO.
“We do not go into farmers’ fields and industrial sites,” Cymbaluk said.
Originally created Aug. 24, 1994, the policy was last updated Jan. 8, 2020, he noted.
Council provides the service for private residential driveway on a cost-recovery basis and after snowplowing has been completed on county roads.
Big Lakes also has the right to refuse to snowplow any private residential driveway that is, in the county’s opinion, hazardous or impractical, the policy states.
Fees are set out in council’s schedule of fees bylaw for each snowplowing job done.
Currently the fee is $148 per hour, with a minimum of 30 minutes, according to the Big Lakes schedule of fees bylaw.
No fee is charged to snowplow community halls and rural churches

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