What? 341 outdated bylaws!

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

A review of M.D. of Smoky River bylaws has resulted in administration finding a whopping 341 bylaws that need to be repealed because they are useless.

And council is prepared to go through them one-by-one.

“That’s our job,” said Reeve Robert Brochu at council’s Sept. 9 meeting.

Municipal intern Mitchell Visser was tasked with reviewing and updating the bylaws. He found 341 of them – some dating back to 1952 – which he presented to council at its meeting.

Administration asked council to consider repealing the bylaws.

“We can’t have staff repealing bylaws,” said Brochu.

He suggested bringing 10 to each meeting for review and consideration.

“I tend to agree,” said Councillor Raoul Johnston.

Brochu added his rationale for the decision.

“Still, it’s our job to decide.”

“I have no problem [with that],” said CAO Rita Therriault, who first recommended the bylaws be repealed.

“We wouldn’t be doing our jobs unless we know what’s in them,” added Brochu.

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