Want to go geocaching with Mighty Peace?

Above are two photos from the Mighty Peace Tourism’s website, courtesy of the organization, photos by Paul Lavoie. The photos are part of a Geocache Hunt, which invites people from around the world to compete for prizes. It is another way Mighty Peace is using to promote the region.

Emily Plihal
Local Journalism
Initiative Reporter

Mighty Peace Tourism has introduced an initiative for geocaching enthusiasts as a way to promote the Peace and Smoky River regions.
The Mighty Peace Geocache Hunt and Photograph contest promotion is meant to provide interested parties with the experience to explore the region while having the opportunity to win some great prizes.
Mighty Peace Tourism executive director Tammy Brauer, along with marketing director Alana Bergeron, their member communities, operators, and organizations, have worked tirelessly to help provide this opportunity and many others to the community, all while promoting the region to the rest of Alberta, and the world.
“This project was created to increase visitation to and knowledge of our beautiful area of northwest Alberta,” says Brauer.
“Geocaching promotes exploration of many areas all over the world and we have included information and interesting facts in the description of each geocache that informs the finders about the Peace region’s communities, activities, sites of interest and history,” she adds.
Brauer explains her team joined forces with the geocaching community to develop the experience, one that is meant to inspire adventure, exploration and community through outdoor recreation and location based technology.
“A great description that can be found on their website is ‘Geocaching is the World’s largest treasure hunting game’,” says Brauer, explaining that geocaching was founded in 2000.
“The game’s passionate community is made up of millions of players who use the app and other GPS-enabled devices to find cleverly hidden containers called geocaches and share their experiences with others.”
Brauer says there are more than three million geocaches in over 190 countries. Mighty Peace Tourism has hidden many new geocaches throughout the region, all of which players can find locations and information for on the Mighty Peace Tourism website or the Geocache app.
Brauer says if interested parties want to go and find the geocaches, they can submit the cache when they’ve found it by logging your name, scanning the QR code and submitting your details on the Mighty Peace Tourism website to win weekly prizes.
“Manzer Environmental in Peace River has generously sponsored this project,” says Brauer. “As a non-profit organization, without this kind of amazing generosity from local businesses such as Manzer, Mighty Peace Tourism would not be able to launch projects like this.”
The Mighty Peace Geocache Hunt and Photo Contest will run until June 12, but Brauer says the geocaches will remain in place for interested hunters to find.
“As the Peace Region’s Destination Marketing Organization since 1963, it is Mighty Peace Tourism’s mission to inspire visitor exploration and to promote people, places and experiences across this region to all visitors,” she says.
“This beautiful and vast area of northwest Alberta offers many opportunities for investors, businesses, and individuals. Through collaborations like this project with our communities, operators and organizations, tourism continues to grow and has become an important economic driver in northern Alberta,” she adds.
Geocaches for the hunt have been placed in all of the 13 Mighty Peace Tourism member municipalities, including Clear Hills County, Hines Creek, Nampa, Girouxville, Fairview, Grimshaw, Peace River, McLennan, Falher, the MDs of Fairview and Peace as well as Northern Sunrise County and County of Northern Lights.
“This vast region offers some pretty interesting and exciting hiding spots for people to explore,” says Brauer.
She adds there are three ways for people to participate in the initiative. They can experience geocaching and potentially win weekly or instant prizes, enter the photo contest by sharing their experience on social media, and learn about regional stories and facts that make the region unique.
“The area operators, organizations and municipalities have been very generous in their donations of an amazing variety of prizes for this contest,” says Brauer.
“Winners may receive ski passes to our region’s ski hills, rounds of golf throughout the area, drop in passes to various rec centres, some amazing products, and discounts from some of our local artisans and much more! The grand prize has been donated by Mighty Peace Golf Club and Mercer Peace River.”
Brauer urges families and individuals alike to try this great regional activity, one that is available all year and at your own leisure.
“Even though this contest was recently launched, there have been over 50 “finds” of these geocaches through some very wintery weather,” she says.
“I’ve received feedback from groups of two and three families that are out all together hunting for geocaches. This is a fun activity that leads people to explore the region with the specific goal of finding all the geocaches in the area, even in the month of December. I’ve received comments such as ‘I’m definitely coming back to this area in the summer to golf/camp/fish’.”

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