Volunteers! Voila!

Volunteers in Joussard received their Certificates of Appreciation at a dinner April 27. Sitting in the front row, left-right, are Maureen Renneberg, Lina Rochon, Kathy L’Heureux, Guy L’Heureux, Dave Whillans and Brenda Whillians. Standing in the middle row, left-right, are Madeleine Fortier, Norm Rochon, Jeanette Willier, Diane Currie, Jean Lemire, Lorene Rose and Richard Labbe. Standing in the back row, left-right, are Albert Lemire, Richard Currie, Bernie Falkner, Mike Quann and Janice Lane.

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Volunteers were thanked in the High Prairie region during National Volunteer-Appreciation Week April 24-30.
Big Lakes Family and Community Support Services [FCSS] honoured volunteers during special dinners in High Prairie and in the hamlets of Big Lakes County.
Nominated volunteers for High Prairie and Enilda were recognized April 25 at the High Prairie Legion, co-hosted by the Town of High Prairie and Big Lakes.
FCSS manager Nicole Hanna thanked the volunteers for their service and commitment.
“Volunteers do make a difference,” Hanna said.
“They devote countless hours to help their neighbours, spreading love and care in their communities to make them a better place to live.”
FCSS received 222 nominations for volunteers to be honoured for their service in 2021.
“We know there are so many more out there and we extend a special thank you to those individuals as well,” Hanna said.
She encourages more people to volunteer.
“For every 10 that watch, only one comes forward to help,” she said.
“You are being honoured for being that unique and selfless individual,” Hanna said.
“Thank you for being a tireless volunteer and setting an excellent example for us all.”
The same message by Hanna was expressed at other appreciation dinners that were held April 26 in Grouard, April 27 in Joussard and Faust and April 28 in Kinuso.

Dinner is served to volunteers at an appreciation dinner April 25 in High Prairie. Left-right, are Cindy Smith, Claude Smith, Stella Sware, Frank Perry and Ione Perry, all of the Enilda – Big Meadow area.
Volunteers from High Prairie receive their Certificates of Appreciation at a volunteer appreciation dinner April 25 in High Prairie. Left-right, are Grant Halverson, Jenna Wirtanen, Edwina Ayles, Jeff Copeland, Jennifer Zatko and Barry Sharkawi.

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