Visitors to HPSD schools require appointments

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Visitors of schools in High Prairie School Division [HPSD] are reminded to make appointments before they can enter the building as the coronavirus pandemic continues.

HPSD is implementing safety measures to prevent the risk and spread of COVID-19.

“Visitors are able to enter the building provided they have appointments and have gone through the daily screening questionnaire,” communications officer Kyle Nichols says.

Arrival protocol has been updated in the school division’s re-entry handbook.

Banners and posters are posted in schools to stop visitors, including parents, from entering the school without an appointment.

The handout has been updated and requires that appointments are required by parents and visitors.

Protocol is confirmed in the section about expectations for visitors and other service providers entering the school.

  • -Parents and guardians can attend the school if they are required for meetings, to pick up their children, or pick up or drop off learning material. Parents are required to make appointments for those reasons.
  • -When any visitor (including service providers, delivery drivers and independent contractors) enters a building they are asked to complete the screening questionnaire before they enter the school.
  • -The principal should limit the times for deliveries so they are not during times when students are in the halls, such as class changes and when students arrive and leave for the day.
  • -A record of all visitors must be maintained and will include contact information for security and contact tracking purposes. Protocol is also in place for expectations for student drop-off and pick-up and entry areas as schools.
  • -Parents and guardians shall remain outside the school when they drop off or pick up their children.
  • -Approval from the principal to enter the building can be made by phoning the school.

They may be required to wear a mask in the school after they complete the screening questionnaire.

The complete school re-entry handbook is available on the school division website at

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