Village of Donnelly, Year in Review

Mayor Myrna Lanctot
Village of Donnelly
Wow, another year is behind us with a great year in front of us, welcome 2017.

In January of 2016 Katrina Jolie took the Oath of Office and officially joined the Village of Donnelly Council.

As it is every year, it was busy; many motions were made, bylaws were reviewed, a few lot consolidations took place, letters were written to support local programs like FCSS. Meetings with Provincial and Federal Ministers happened throughout the year.

Hydrant and sewer lift station repairs were done, equipment was maintained, streets were cleaned and snow was removed.

A five-year contract for the bylaw Officer was signed with the Town of High Prairie and a mutual aid agreement between the Central Peace Regional Emergency Management Partnership and the Smoky River Emergency Management Partnership was signed by council. Council also appointed Rita Maure as the new CAO for the Village of Donnelly in November.

All in all, it was a good year for the Village. Council would like to thank each and every Village of Donnelly resident for their kindness and patients throughout the year and wish them Health and Happiness in 2017.

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