Village of Donnelly Regular Meeting, August 7 2019

New Village of Donnelly Council – From left, front row: Deputy Mayor Brian Labrecque and Mayor Myrna Lanctot. Back row from left: Councillor Kyle Heyn, Councillor Aubrey Stenhouse, Councillor Lyle Audet

At the Village of Donnelly regular meeting on August 7, recently elected Kyle Heyn read and signed the oath of office, and was welcomed to council by Mayor Myrna Lanctot, Deputy Mayor Brian Labrecque, and councillors Aubrey Stenhouse and Lyle Audet.

Committee Appointments

Green Energy Steering Committee
Council has appointed Councillor Heyn to sit on the new Green Energy Initiative steering committee, spearheaded by Climate Change Coordinator Emily Plihal.

Emergency Management Committee
Mayor Lanctot and Councillor Stenhouse have been appointed to the Emergency Management Committee, with Deputy Mayor Labrecque as alternate.

Heart River Housing
Mayor Lanctot remains on the Heart River Housing Committee

Smoky River Airport Commission
Deputy Mayor Brian Labrecque retains the Smoky River Airport Commission appointment for another year.

Smoky River Community Education Committee
Councillor Audet retained this appointment for another year.

Smoky River Regional Council
Mayor Lanctot, Deputy Mayor Labrecque and CAO retained this appointment for another year.

Smoky River Regional Economic Development Board
Deputy Mayor Labrecque retained this appointment for another year.

Smoky River Family Community Support Services Board
Deputy Mayor Labrecque retained this appointment until October.

Smoky River Regional Physician Recruitment & Retention Board
Councillor Heyn was appointed to this board.

S R Regional Water Management Commission and S R Regional Waste Management Commission
Councillor Audet and Councillor Stenhouse retained these appointment for the coming year.

Donnelly Recreation Society
Councillor Stenhouse and CAO retained this appointment for another year.

Guy Donnelly Sportex Board
Councillor Stenhouse retained this appointment for another year.

Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework and Intermunicipal Development Plan Sub-Committee
Mayor Lanctot and Deputy Mayor Lanctot retained this appointment.

Ban on Plastic Grocery Bags
Council is in support to ban plastic grocery bags in this area. This initiative is being implemented throughout Canada, and we have been advised that Sobey’s will be implementing the ban in the new year. Council encourages all residents to use alternatives to plastic grocery bags.

Public Hearing for Intermunicipal Development Plan
Council set the public hearing date as September 9th, 2019 at 8:30 pm for the public to give feedback on the M.D. of Smoky River #130 and Village of Donnelly Intermunicipal Development Plan.

Peace Officer Agreement
Council will exercise the renewal option to extend the Community Peace Officer Contract Services Agreement for one more year.

Municipal Asset Management Plan
Council has accepted the Municipal Asset Management Plan prepared by Beairsto& Associates.

AUMA Convention
Council will have two councillors attend the AUMA Convention on September 24 to 27, 2019. Council has made a request to meet with the Minister of Municipal Affairs at the AUMA Convention, to discuss MSI Funding, Physician Recruitment issue and policing. Council has also requested a meeting with the Minister of Environment to discuss the Winagami Lake Wading Pool Closure.

  • Council appointed the Peace Regional Subdivision Appeal Board Members and Clerk, the Regional Assessment Review Board Members and Clerks.
  • Council also approved the Revised Regional Assessment Review Board Agreement, which meets the Municipal Government Act changes.
  • Council has agreed to sign the memorandum of agreement with the Transportation Routing and Vehicle Information System known as TRAVIS. The Provincial Government recommends that all municipalities participate in this program to potentially reduce red tape for oil rigs.
  • Council approved the Intermunicipal Subdivision Development Appeal Board Bylaw #19-06, which will be available on our website shortly.
  • Council approved the revised Regional Assessment Review Board Bylaw.
  • Council will send a letter of support to Heart River Housing stating that they support a feasibility study on housing in our community.
  • Council will send a letter to Calvin McLeod, Regional Director, Parks Northwest Region to request they reconsider the closure of the wading pool at Winagami Lake Provincial Park.

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