Village of Donnelly – Notebooks

Submitted by Village of Donnelly

Summary of November 17, 2016 Village of Donnelly regular meeting

. Council to send a letter of support to FCSS for the grant application for the Alternative Transportation for Seniors project.

. Council will have a representative attend the 35th St. Isidore Carnival on February 17, 2016.

. Village of Donnelly supports the grant application with Alberta Community Partnership (ACP) submitted by the Municipal District of Smoky River #130 for the regional asset management project.

. Council submitted via email to the MLA, four priorities they wish Alberta Transportation and Infrastructure to consider.

. Council increased the solid waste collection rate by $1.50 to reflect the rate increase d by the Smoky River Regional Waste Commission, effective January 1, 2017.

. Council rescinded the motion to apply for the CARES Grant to do a feasibility study on broadband, asNorthernAlberta Development Council (NADC) has undertaken the Northern Alberta Broadband Preparedness Project.

. Smoky River Physician Recruitment Coordinator 2017 budget approved by council.

. Council approved the Community Peace Officer 3 year contract with the Town of High Prairie.

. Lift Station Suction Line repair came over budget, and council amended the previous Pmotion, to cover the final cost of $18,841.50.

. Item “ATCO Electric re-install street light on North Ave.” was tabled pending further information.

. Council voted yes to the motion presented by NAEL members on the Caribou Strategymotion.

. Council to send a letter to Prime Minister and the Special Committee on Electoral Reform requesting that a referendum be held prior to the implementation of any proposed changes to the current first-past-the-post voting system for federal elections.

. Council past all three readings of bylaw #16-07 to consolidate lots 9 & 10 block 16 plan 7823228.

. Council appointed Rita Maure as Chief Administrative Officer.

. Council received a complaint from an MD resident that a power line is hanging too low and council suggested that this issue be forwarded to ATCO Electric.

Summary of December 12, 2016 Village of Donnelly regular meeting

. Delegates from the Donnelly Recreation Society, Pauline Therriault and Heather Servant made a presentation to council. Donnelly Recreation Society submitted the Community Facility Enhancement Program (CFEP) grant application. The grant request would see a pump track, a gazebo, and a multi-fit system added to the current Park Regalo.

. Council will have a representative attend the 10th Anniversary of Ol’Tyme Family Nite on Friday January 27, 2017.

. Council accepted the remuneration rates recommended for the Concerto representative.

. 2017 Smoky River Regional Economic Development budget was accepted by council as presented.

. Council ratified the decision to purchase lot Pt NE 10-3-204CL as negotiated.

. Council ratified the decision to send a letter of support for the Donnelly Recreation Society CFEP grant application, and also pledge $10,000 for the Phase II project.

. Council received as information both the Peace Library System 2017 budget, with a per capita rate increase; along with the Falher Intermunicipal Library 2017 budget.

. Council send a letter of regret that we are unable to fund the Peace Victim Services in 2017

. Council moved to sends Minister Larivee a letter requesting the Government continue a similar funding formula as MSI Operating grant.

. Council received as information the resident complaint about a dog barking.

. Meeting adjourned at 10:14 pm.

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