Village of Donnelly notebook

Following is a summary of the March 18 regular meeting for the Village of Donnelly:

Winagami Lake park wading pool

Council will coordinate a joint letter with Big Lakes County, the Town of McLennan, and the Village of Donnelly, to send a letter to the Hon. Jason Nixon, Minister of Environment and Parks, to ensure that the wading pool is still a topic of discussion.
Ideally, council would like to see the temporary repair to the facility, so that it may re-open for summer of 2020, with future plans for a full replacement.
Understandably, this will depend on the coronavirus pandemic duration.

HPSD all-day school zone

Council motioned to receive this item as information, and continue with the current provincially legislated intermittent school zone.
Because the zone is not a through traffic area, and the school zones are off Main Street, with low traffic, the need to change to an all-day school zone was not necessary.

Lead MAC testing will proceed

Council motioned to send a letter to request that the Smoky River Regional Water Management Commission staff assist the Village by taking the necessary lead samples, and report results on our behalf to Alberta Environment.
The tests will be done as per newly implemented Canadian Drinking Water Quality Guidelines published by Health Canada, and the Revised Lead MAC [maximum acceptable concentration] for Drinking Water Systems from the Alberta Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act.
The guidelines would require approximately 10 houses be tested in Donnelly based on the village’s population. Also, the guideline suggests that the oldest homes be tested. We will be identifying those homes that will be tested, and notifying those residents in the coming months, when the tests will take place. Results will be shared with those residents.

Council supports Bill C-221

MP Shannon Stubbs requested support for the Bill C-221 she introduced on Feb. 25, 2020, “The Environmental Restoration Incentive Act”.
The bill will be considered in the House of Commons shortly.
This bill would provide tax incentives for small oil companies to take action on their orphan wells. Council agrees with this initiative and passed a motion to support the bill.

Council aids Guy Donnelly Sportex

Bylaw #20-01 CRO Guarantee for Guy Donnelly Sportex was given second and third reading, and passed.
The bylaw will allow the Guy Donnelly Sportex Society to access fixed power rates through Alberta Urban Municipal Association. This Village further guarantees to AUMA that should the society default and have outstanding power bills, the Village will assume the payment of the bills.
Power is one of the major expenses for the society, and any decrease in this area, is beneficial to the society.

ATCO Distribution Franchise Agreement

Council passed first reading to the Bylaw #20-03 – the ATCO Distribution Franchise Agreement.
This agreement is up for renewal every 10 years. There is no affect to the ratepayers with the renewal.
This is also just the first step in renewing the franchise agreement.

Odds and ends…

Council approved that Mayor Myrna Lanctot attended the flag raising ceremony held by L’ACFA on March 6, 2020 at Ecole Héritage … delegation Sgt. Mark Hall discussed the statistical occurrences of 2018-19 and 2019-20 with 2020 priorities. Council thanked Sgt, Hall for attending the meeting … council approved sending a letter of support for future grants to the Smoky River Childcare Society … council received as information the request for a letter of intent to Municipal Climate Change Action Centre to do a feasibility study on solar initiatives. Council will continue looking for better grants to find the most feasible option to implement solar or alternate power initiatives. Currently, MCCAC will only fund 30 per cent of costs, which is prohibitive … council received two resident complaints. One on safety concerns will be sent a letter, the second one was received as information … the next regular meeting will be Wednesday, April 8, with a special meeting to continue the budget process scheduled for Wednesday, April 15.

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