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Chris Clegg
South Peace News

One and done payment to CN

Council agreed to pay CN Rail $2,500 plus GST instead of $600 each year for drainage access on a portion of CN land in the village.
Council heard the lease rate was rising to $600 per year from $150, but were offered the one-time payment by CN’s Penny Pfoh, asset management coordinator, Western Canada. Council was quick to capitalize on the offer.
Earlier, council refused to pay CN because CAO Matthew Ferris could find any motions regarding the new rate. It began discussions with CN which resulted in the proposed one-time payment.
“I don’t know how [CN] came up with a cost,” said Ferris.
Councillor Brian Labrecque noted it would take just over four years to pay for the access at the $600 rate.
“I think a one-time payment and we’re done,” he suggested.

Council OKs maintenance agreement

It all started with the proposed sale of a dishwasher in a doctor’s house, but will likely result in less red tape.
Council approved a proposed agreement which will see the Town of McLennan manage the physician’s house.
The matter began when the doctor wanted to sell the dishwasher he installed in the house, which meant the request had to go back to each of the five member councils for approval: Village of Donnelly, Village of Girouxville, Town of Falher, Town of McLennan and M.D. of Smoky River.
The proposed agreement allows McLennan manage the house with a clause they report back to each council. It reduces red tape and saves time when decisions need to be made.
There is already a maintenance fund with $20,000 which will be added to from rent from the house. If the rent does not cover yearly maintenance and/or upgrades, each municipality will be billed their share to reset the cap to $20,000.
The proposed agreement was discussed at a recent regional municipal meeting. The five municipalities co-own the house in McLennan which allows new physicians a place to stay.

Council renews golf agreement

In an effort to give residents a chance to remain active, council approved annual funding to the Smoky River Regional Golf Course.
The $2,500 fee allows council to give a membership to each resident.
“For this year, keep it going,” said Councillor Brian Labrecque.
However, he added with rising costs to operate the village, future memberships may be in in jeopardy.
Mayor Myrna Lanctot added the service is valued by council, which certainly could not build and operate a golf course on its own.
“If the population of your community is under 500, a $2,500 donation entitles all residents of the community a complimentary membership, if the population is over 500, the minimum donation requirement increases to $5,000,” wrote Smoky River Regional Golf Course.
Donnelly’s population is 342 according to the 2016 census.
Last year, the Town of McLennan and the M.D. of Smoky River joined Donnelly in its participation in the program.

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