Village of Donnelly notebook

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

Money for economic development

The Village of Donnelly council agreed at its Jan. 13 meeting to contribute $6,496.81 in 2021 [$6,821.65 with GST] to Smoky River Regional Economic Development [SRRED].
In agreeing to the motion, Councillor Brian Labrecque noted it was less than 2020.
“We pay that much for economic development?” asked a surprised Councilor Aubrey Stenhouse.
SRRED is comprised of Smoky River area municipalities and works toward economic development projects that benefit the region.

Doctor wishes to sell dishwasher

A doctor moving away from the area wants to sell the dishwasher he bought for the house he uses.
The problem is, under current guidelines, the offer and decision must go to the five member municipalities’ respective councils for approval.
A house is provided by the Smoky River Physician Recruitment and Retention Committee as an incentive for doctors to locate. In this case, he installed the dishwasher at his expense.
Mayor Myrna Lanctot noted the item does bring extra value to the house.
Meanwhile, Councillor Aubrey Stenhouse called the matter “embarrassing” because he felt the committee should be able to make the decision on its own. He suggested items up to $1,000 be dealt with by the committee.
Council agreed to spend $100 to buy the dishwasher as its contribution.

Radio agreement renewed for 2 years

Council agreed to sign its Emergency Fire Dispatch Service Agreement for two years, not the requested five, with the City of Grande Prairie.
Grande Prairie provides dispatch service [radio] for the fire department. It provided a five-year agreement based on a four per cent increase each year.
“Four per cent seems substantial,” noted Councillor Aubrey Stenhouse.
“I tend to agree,” added Mayor Myrna Lanctot.
“Four per cent. I don’t like it,” added Stenhouse, adding it was not a lot of money.
“Maybe people aren’t complaining so they throw it in there,” he suggested.
Under the proposal, Donnelly’s fee would rise to $924.77 in 2022 and $1,040.24 in 2025.
CAO Matthew Ferris was directed to find out the reason for the increase and report back to council.

Lead testing approved

Ten homes in Donnelly will be tested for lead in the water supply in 2021.
Council gave its blessing for administration to proceed with the testing at its Jan. 13 meeting.
The testing became necessary when the federal government changed regulations when it comes to lead in drinking water. As a result, council is now mandated to provide testing to ensure drinking water is the safest it can possibly be.
The water commission will be conducting the testing and required the contact information of 10 homeowners in the village to conduct 20121.

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