Village of Donnelly notebook

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

Lanctot re-elected mayor

The Village of Donnelly held its annual organizational meeting before its regular meeting Oct. 14 and decided to stay the course for the final year of the term.
Myrna Lanctot was re-elected mayor and Brian Labrecque deputy mayor.
The next municipal election is Oct. 18, 2021.

Various policies examined

Council is in the process of updating and/or amending several of its current polices and bylaws.
The Bylaw Enforcement Policy was approved.
Meanwhile, the Remuneration Policy was tabled as was the Community Standards Bylaw, after several amendments were requested.
Bylaw Fees and Charges, and the Municipal Development Plan, will be brought back after several changes were agreed to.

New bylaw to address garbage

CAO Mathew Ferris was directed to draft a new bylaw to cover garbage.
A question arose to administration asking if a resident would pay one or two garbage bills if they had two adjoining lots, but only one dwelling. Ferris said the current rules were unclear and asked for clarification from council.
Council eventually decided the intent was for only one bill.
“It makes sense,” said Councillor Brian Labrecque, adding charging for only one bill was so no one could opt out of paying for the service.

Emergency plan deferred

Every municipality is required by law to have an Emergency Management Plan, and Donnelly is no different.
CAO Mathew Ferris presented an updated plan to council, telling them he merely updated the name of the CAO in the plan from the former CAO’s.
The plan, approved by the M.D. of Smoky River, was also updated by council as many of the contact names were out-of-date.
As a result, the contact list will be updated and presented at later meeting for approval.

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