Village of Donnelly notebook

Following are notes from the Village of Donnelly council meetings May 13 and May 19:

Lagoon access granted

Council has approved a temporary agreement to the company Danoe Vac to dump sewage at the Village of Donnelly lagoon.

Club des Pionniers – water loss

Council forgave 50 per cent of the water and sewer loss that they experienced during March, totaling $159.37.
Club des Pionniers is a not-for-profit organization that benefits the municipality. This was a one-time approval.

Weed Inspection Appeal Committee

Council appointed five members to the appeal committee under both the Weed control Act, and Agricultural Pests Act.
These members are provided and trained by the M.D. of Smoky River #130; this service is a benefit to our residents.

MCCAC grant – Sportex Aerator

Guy Donnelly Sportex has received approval from the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre grant to install an aerator.
Council will support this grant 25 per cent, with the MCCAC paying the balance. This is a continuation of the scoping audit done last fall. Funding will be paid from monies refunded from scoping audit.

Senior’s Week supported

Council will make a donation of $50 towards the Smoky River FCSS plants.
Due to COVID-19, this year’s Senior’s Week luncheon will not be held. To honour our seniors, FCSS has organized to provide potted plants instead. To register someone to receive a plant, contact FCSS at [780] 837-2220.

Rupertsland employment program

Council has authorized the application for one position to the Rupertsland Institute Summer Employment Program.
This program allows the Village to provide summer employment for an Indigenous individual between 15–30 years of age, who must be a student.

3rd Street flood repair

Council will be tendering the flood repair project through Beairsto & Associates Engineering Ltd.
The goal is to have this completed by the end of September. Due to this year’s flood damage, the project was reviewed, and will proceed.

Tax deferral and utilities deferral

Due to COVID-19 impacting the economy and individuals, it is recommended by the Alberta government that municipalities help residents affected by the pandemic.
Therefore, council has approved to work with residents on a case by case basis for both utility and tax deferral.

Meeting adjourned to May 19

The meeting was adjourned and the remaining items were tabled to a May 19 special meeting.

2020 budget approved

Council approved the 2020 budget with operating expenses of $723,746, [a decrease from 2019] and a requisition of $304,889, which is the same amount as 2019.
Due to a decrease in assessment, the mill rate increased by four per cent for residential and three per cent for non-residential.
Farm land will now be levied at a similar rate as farm land in the M.D. of Smoky River. Farm land in 2019 was at 9.3627 in 2020 will be 17.2 mills.
Residential mill rate in 2019 was 9.3627 in 2020 will be 9.7160, an increase of .3533 mills.
Non-residential mill rate in 2019 was 13.50666 in 2020 will be 13.92666, an increase of .42 mills.
The minimum tax remains at $1,375.
Residents will see an increase in taxes due to Heart River Housing requisition doubling. It was .16812 mills in 2019 and is now .325486 in 2020.
Alberta School Foundation Fund, also known as Alberta Education requisition also increased. Residential was 2.530536 mills in 2019 and is 2.7689 in 2020. Non-residential was 3.7767 mills in 2019 and 4.007455 mills in 2020.

Council hears complaints

Council received as information complaints received from residents, ranging from spring water issues, leaves, broken window, vehicle blocking sidewalk, and unsightly and hazard.
The one complaint requesting council respond, will be sent a letter.

Playground to re-open

Council has decided to reopen the Park Regalo playground, however the jumping pillow will remain closed.
Council is requiring residents to adhere to COVID-19 protocols as set by the Government of Alberta:

  • Use at own risk.
  • Wash hands before and after [patrons must supply their own hand sanitizer].
  • Do not touch your face.
  • Social distancing still required by law.
  • If sick or displaying any COVID-19 symptoms, stay home.

This and that…

Council received the Smoky River Regional Committee 2019 AFS audited financial statement as information…Council authorized the CAO to respond to the 2020 AUMA Convention Attendee Survey with their responses.

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