Village of Donnelly holds candidates “meet and greet” prior to by-election

Community members talk with the three candidates at the Village of Donnelly “meet and greet the candidates,” event on June 6. The three candidates Seated against the wall, the three candidates are: from left: Abdul Hameed Khan, Kyle Heyn and Katie (Emma) King.

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

Three candidates running for a vacant position on the Village of Donnelly council attended a “meet and greet the candidates,” event at the Village office, on June 6.

Village of Donnelly CAO Rita Maure, and Mayor Myrna Lanctot hosted the event, which provided an ideal opportunity for community members to meet the three candidates.

Abdul Hameed Khan who lives in Donnelly and owns Lakeview Foods in McLennan, is certainly the most mature and experienced of the candidates.

Khan, formally from Edmonton, appears to have considerable experience within the conservative party in Alberta.

He is a strong advocate of municipalities working with different levels of government, in order to attract projects and services to the north.

He believes that local governments have to make communication with their MLAs a priority in order to be heard in Edmonton and to access as much available funding as possible.

Born in Donnelly, Katie (Emma) King grew up living in both Donnelly and Falher. She currently lives in Donnelly and works at Subway.

During the conversation at the “meet and greet,” she expressed strong convictions about her community, her province and Canada.

She is too young to have accrued much experience but as she said in an earlier interview “ I just want to get involved.”

At the “meet and greet,” King demonstrated that her wish to get involved is motivated by a strong sense of place and community, a genuine interest in how the process works and the conviction that she has something to bring to the table.

Kyle Heyn grew up in Eckville Alberta and has lived in Donnelly for approximately seven years. He works at the meat department at New Horizon Co-op in Falher.

This is also Heyn’s first run for a political position but he spoke at the meet and greet about his experience working in retail and that many of the skills he learned through work he felt he could apply when sitting on council.

Heyn also seems passionate about his community and like the other two candidates, he expressed his appreciation of living in a rural community compared to an urban environment.

The “meet and greet” moved between genial conversation and a constructive exchange of ideas, and although the atmosphere was affable, the three candidates rarely addressed one another.

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