Village of Donnelly council notebook

Following is a summary of the Village of Donnelly council meeting Sept. 9. Noter are provided courtesy of the Villege:

MSI Operating grant
Council passed a motion to revise the MSI Operating grant allocation to utilize the full amount of 2019 MSI Operating. Notice on MSI Operating grant received Aug. 22.

Letter of support Town of Peace River
Council will send a letter of support as per the Town of Peace River’s request to have a review on charging GST on inter-municipal cost-sharing agreements.
Revenue Canada’s auditor is requiring municipalities to charge other municipalities GST on cost-sharing agreements. Both municipalities receive 100 per cent reimbursement from GST expenses, and most services offered by municipalities are GST exempt. Town of Peace River requests to Revenue Canada this be reviewed and explore potential solutions, and Village of Donnelly council is in support of that request.

Municipal Elected Officials course
Municipal Government Act mandates that all elected officials take the Municipal Elected Officials course to train them on emergency management process and disaster planning.
Council has chosen to request Alberta Emergency Management Agency facilitate the course.

ATCO Electric and ATCO Gas franchise fee
Council has chosen not to change the ATCO Electric and ATCO Gas franchise fee.

Donnelly Mitigation & Adaptation Plan
Council received the document prepared by Emily Plihal, climate change co-ordinator, called Donnelly Mitigation and Adaptation Plan.
This item was tabled in order for the co-ordinator to attend the meeting and discuss the proposed plan in more detail.

Public Health Advisory meeting
Council was invited to participate in the Peace Health Advisory Council meeting Sept. 17. Council has agreed to attend this session.

Municipal Development Plan
Council passed first reading of the Municipal Development Plan. Next step is to hold a public hearing.
The public hearing date will be decided at a special meeting set for Sept. 30. Residents will be invited to attend the public hearing to further discuss the Municipal Development Plan, which is a requirement of the revised Municipal Government Act.

Land Use Bylaw tabled
Council tabled the discussion on the Land Use Bylaw to a special meeting to be held on Sep. 30.

Winagami Lake wading pool closure
Council will send a response letter to Calvin McLeod, Regional Director for Parks Northwest Region, as follow up to our meeting on Sept. 4.
Donnelly council encourages residents of the area to speak to their MLA, Todd Loewen, and Minister of Parks & Environment, Hon. Jason Nixon, to inform them just how important the wading pool at Winagami Lake Provincial Park is to this region.

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