Village of Donnelly council notebook

Notes from the Oct. 16, Village of Donnelly organizational and regular meeting; and Oct. 22 special meeting. Notes supplied by the Village of Donnelly.

Lanctot re-elected mayor

At the organizational meeting, Myrna Lanctot was re-elected as mayor, and Brian Labrecque re-elected as deputy mayor.

Committee appointments

Council appointed Mayor Myrna Lanctot to represent council on the Smoky River Transportation Ad Hoc Committee.
On Aug. 7, council appointed a member-at-large, or Councillor Kyle Heyn, to participate in the Green Energy Steering Committee. Therefore, anyone who resides in the Village of Donnelly, who may be interested in being on this committee, please send your name to the CAO, Rita Maure. The individual would receive remuneration for attending these meetings. This appointment would likely be for one year, and require minimal commitment of time.

Letters of support approved

Council approved to send letters of support to the Guy Donnelly Sportex to assist with two grants: the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre Scoping Audit grant, and the operating grant.
Council also approved to send a letter of support to the Société Historique et Généalogique de Smoky River on their CFEP grant application.

Performance Measure – Alberta MA

Council received for information a letter from Alberta Municipal Affairs indicating that they triggered one of 13 performance measures.
Municipal Affairs implemented a new performance measure for the ministry. Beginning with the 2019-22 business plan, the ministry will report the percentage of municipalities deemed to be “not at risk” based on 13 defined financial, governance, and community indicators. Each indicator has a defined benchmark, and a municipality is deemed to be “not at risk” as long as it does not trigger on a defined number of indicators.

Climate change plan adopted

Emily Plihal, climate change coordinator for the region, presented the Climate Change and Adaptation Plan to council.
Plihal discussed plans on what the region can do to help with environmentally efficient items that can make a difference. Look for her presentation in your community in the near future.
Council approved the plan presented, and will look at solar options, composting, energy efficiencies.

Oct. 22 special meeting highlights

  • The Inter-municipal Development Plan Bylaw was given second and third reading, and duly passed between the M.D. of Smoky River #130 and the Village of Donnelly.
  • Council approved the Guy Donnelly Sportex request for a donation of $50,000 in addition to the $10,000 to assist them with operating expenses.
  • Council received as information nine complaints: cement block, unsightly grass, truckers parking from outside of Donnelly, truckers idling early morning, dog at large and not registered, mud on road, [2] grass clippings on road, ruts in green zone.

Nov. 27 regular meeting of council

  • Council extended for an additional four years the curbside recycling contract with Prairie Disposal.
  • Council appointed Hilliary Reid as the second volunteer member representing the Village of Donnelly on the Falher Regional Inter-municipal Library Board.
  • Thank you to Rita Boulet and Hilliary Reid for their service to the community.
  • Council approved the 2020 budget for the Smoky River Regional Economic Development and with Donnelly’s financial contribution of $7,577.
  • Council also ratified the decision to send a letter of support to the Town of Falher on the application for the CARES grant program to continue work on the HEMP decortication plant and value-added processors and end users.
  • The new radio system excludes peace officers. Council will send a letter of concern to RCMP K Division and MLA Todd Loewen to bring awareness on this potential hazard for peace officers.
  • Council appointed Councillor Kyle Heyn to the Green Energy Efficient Steering Committee.
  • Council agreed to send a letter of support in response to the Smoky River Chamber of Commerce – Moonlight Madness 2019 fireworks at the Smoky River Agricultural Fair Grounds on Dec. 19.
  • Council passed all three readings at the meeting and approved the updated Regional Emergency Management Agency and Committee bylaw.
  • The next regular meeting will be Dec. 18.

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