Vanier graduating class shines on a “Starry Night”

Donnelly Georges P. Vanier graduands were honoured at valediction ceremonies May 18 at the school in Donnelly. In the front row, left-right, are Aneekah Gagne, Brooklyn Blanchette, Brooke Tokarz, Kayla Bessette, Siarra Embury, Shaina Genuino, Anika Desaulniers, Elyse Talbot and Kristin Prellwitz. In the middle row, left-right, are Denis Gagne, Ryan Joshua Dela Cruz, Dylan Dufresne, Haley Wurban, Danielle Aubin, Daysha Tokarz, Mariah Federico, Gabrielle Laclerc, Lisa Roth, Brandon Guenette and Jeremy Binet. In the back row, left-right, are Hunter Dumont, Tyler Deslauriers, Cory Brulotte, Dominic Sliger, Wyatt Soucy, Aidan Hicks, Cameron Delaurier, Henco Smit, Cole Fournier, Hayes Marchildon and Randy Pusao.

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Reaching a major educational milestone, 32 graduating students of Georges P. Vanier School in Donnelly were honoured at valediction ceremonies May 18.

“A Starry Night” was the theme for the celebration.

Vanier principal Bill Sheets congratulated graduands as they leave Vanier into a world of opportunities.

“Follow your own path and don’t always accept the popular opinion,” says Sheets in his first year as principal at Vanier.

“Be willing to examine a new perspective.”

He encouraged graduands to connect to the right stars.

“If you think of the people around you in your sphere of influence, they represent the stars in your constellation,” Sheets says.

“They are who you are grouped with and the story they tell is your story, too.”

He explains.

“The lesson here is that you must shine bright and choose the stars in your constellation carefully,” Sheets says.

“They will be your story.

“Even though time and life and circumstances will send you miles apart, they will always be part of your constellation – inseparable.”

He simply defines the lesson of a starry night.

“Know your place in the universe,” Sheets says.

“Understand how to navigate and find your way home.

“Not everything is as it seems, the wanderers are not lost.

“Question the status quo and test your understanding of the world around you.

“Remember that you may not be the centre of the universe..

“Choose your fellow stars carefully, shine brightly and write the story of your constellation.”

Graduands were congratulated by High Prairie School Division as Joussard-Kinuso trustee Lorrie Shelp, who spoke on behalf of the school division.

Local trustees Karin Scholl and Lynn Skrepnek were unable to attend.

“You are beginning the journey of adulthood and believe me, it is a long and difficult journey,” Shelp says.

“Hopefully, the knowledge you have gained in your schooling will help you in your decision-making and your support system will be there.”

She commends the students for achieving their basic education.

“Today is a day of celebration, a day to acknowledge your achievements,” Shelp says.

“You made it.”

Class valedictorian Kristin Pellwitz thanked those who served in key roles to shape the graduands into the young adults they have become.

She briefly spoke on the class motto “A Year to Remember”.

“Today is certainly a very momentous occasion for all of us going forward,” Prellwitz says.

“I know we can all excel in this crazy world if we put our minds to it.

“Whatever the future may look like for you all, just know that you’ve done well and you have so much to be proud of.”

She gave her classmate final words of wisdom as they move on.

“So my words of advice for this class are to try not to miss the times that were and instead make those times now,” Prellwitz says.

“Never stop discovering, have fun, work hard, follow your passions and in that way, you’ll know that you are in the good old days.

“I know that you will all do great and I’m so happy to have been part of it all.”

Each graduand received a certificate of valediction at the ceremonies.

Young men are all decked out for the ceremonies! Left-right, are Cory Brulotte, Cole Fournier, Hayes Marchildon, Ryan Joshua Dela Cruz, Denis Gagne, Dominic Sliger and Wyatt Soucy.
Young women are all dressed up for the ceremonies! Left- right, are Brooklyn Blanchette, Haley Wurban, Daysha Tokarz, Aneeka Gagne, Siarra Embury, Kristin Prellwitz and Shaina Genuino.
Aidan Hicks, left, receives a certificate from principal Bill Sheets.
Graduands are all smiles as they get ready enter the ceremonies wearing graduation gowns. Left-right, are Randy Pusao, Haley Wurban, Aneekah Gagne, Brooklyn Blanchette and Kayla Bessette.
Graduating students of Vanier prepare for the ceremonies. Left-right, are Siarra Embury, Brooke Tokarz, Elyse Talbot and Denis Gagne.
Class valedictorian Kristin Prellwitz, left, stands with Vanier principal Bill Sheets.
Class valedictorian Kristin Prellwitz addresses her classmates and the audience.

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