Vanier Grade 8 drama class presents “Superheroes Unite”

The opening scene of “Superheroes Unite,” when the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and police commissioner decide they need the assistance of a superhero.

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

G. P. Vanier grade 8 students put their special powers to good use, giving excellent performances in the comedy “Superheroes Unite.”

In a scenario reminiscent of Batman’s Gotham City, the citizens of Nova City need the assistance of a superhero to combat the wicked antics of Colonel Mustard and his right hand man, Hemlock.

The Mayor, Deputy Mayor and the Police Commissioner decide to hold auditions to choose the right Superhero for the formidable task of foiling the dastardly exploits of Colonel Mustard.

Once word is out, a veritable rogue’s gallery of superheroes with a wide array of superpowers, show up at city hall hoping to get the role of fighting back against Colonel Mustard.

The superheroes challenge one another in competition to become Nova City’s designated crime fighter, until realizing that they are all on the same side and that by cooperating and working together they could easily defeat Colonel Mustard.

With a wide array of eclectic colourful costumes, the comedy the characters were well defined and with minimal but appropriate sets, the characters had room to be expressive.

Under the direction of drama teacher Dave Pedden, the cast of approximately 15 actors hit their mark and remained on cue to present a rapid paced, 8-scene comedy that the parents, teachers and fellow students obviously enjoyed.

Superheroes wait for their turn to audition at City Hall
Auditioning superheroes become confrontational hoping to get the role of Nova City’s crime fighter.
Colonel Mustard (seated) and his sidekick Hemlock hatching one of their devious plans.


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