Utility costs concern Peace libraries

Peace region municipalities are lining up to support a request from the Peace Library System for relief on rising utility costs for its member libraries.
The M.D. of Smoky River and Northern Sunrise County are two local governments supporting the request. Northern Sunrise Reeve Carolyn Kolebaba also chairs the PLS and wrote a letter to the Alberta Utilities Commission asking for relief.
“In the last year, out utility bills have become untenable [can’t be defended],” wrote Kolebaba.
“The fees associated with the provision of service have become between 50-75 per cent of the total bill for gas and power. This means that even though we signed a contract for a lower rate through an agent, the actual amount paid has increased with the higher fees.”
A review of the fees is requested with a focus on how much profit is made from non-profit organizations like PLS.
“The private corporations that are making huge profits off the backs of bodies funded by public money are taking money out of the hands of citizens who need it most,” wrote Kolebaba.
PLS is asking that non-profits be exempt from rising costs, or be granted a reduced rate.

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