‘Unto us, a Saviour is born!’

Mary, played by Adelle Levesque, places the Baby Jesus in the manger as Joseph, played by Samuel Levesque, watches.

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

The Live Nativity play held at Falher Dec. 19 attracted about 150 people, many who put aside their time during Falher’s late night shopping to attend the event.

It’s the third year the play has been held, and is held each year the Thursday before Christmas, says organizer Eric Verstappen, who started the tradition.

Verstappen is agent/owner of Co-operators in Falher and while staff do volunteer time courtesy of Verstappen, he makes it clear the play is done as a private citizen for the enjoyment of the community.

Anyone attending is asked to take part in the play. Many do, especially children who take on all the roles in the celebration. Adults read the narrative, however.

Verstappen was more than pleased with this year’s attendance.

“The first year we had 70-80, last year just over 100. And they were two cold years.

“This one was really good. We did a lot of advertising, put up signs, and we were on Facebook.”

He credits a host of volunteers and community support to stage the event. Among many examples were 4-Star Rentals, Freson Bros., and Smoky River FCSS, who use the event as a fundraiser.

“The thing is, it’s fun. Everyone helps out, it’s positive,” says Verstap- pen.

“Everyone stays on after and helps clean up. Half an hour and it was all done! The people who come and go are great!” he adds.

Next year’s play is tentatively scheduled for Dec. 17, seeing as the Thursday before Christmas is Dec. 24.

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