Twilight Figure Skating Club back at Donnelly Arena for the coming season

Tom Henihan
Express Staff
Twilight Figure Skating Club is back on home ice as of November 29. The club was using H.W. Fish Arena last season and began this year in McLennan until the ice was in at Donnelly Rink.

The club has approximately 30 registered skaters this season, ranging from preskate up to our starskate level. The coaches returning for what promises to be an exciting season include Michelle Pitre, Josee Bouchard and Jacquie Melnyk.

There is also on-ice support provided by several program assistants and on-ice helpers who include Celina Bouchard, Shara Minarovich, Katelyn Lambert, Makenna Maisonneuve, Janelle and Joel Beaudoin and Nathaniel Reid.

As a member of Skate Canada, Twilight Figure Skating is not a recreational organization but a focused, disciplined figure skating club that coaches its members in the skills necessary to advance as competitive figure skaters.

A number of Twilight skaters presented their talents at the Manning Figure Skating Gala on December 10, in team events: Elements, where the skaters demonstrate specific moves and creative expression, which involves skaters performing a routine they have choreographed to music.

Members of the club who participated at the Manning Skating Gala in the Starskate category are Hailee Campbell, Janelle Beaudoin and Nathaniel Reid: Teanna Campbell and Brenna Garant in Canskate 6. Erica Lasante and Janelle Lanctot, Canskate 5, and Myla Brochu and Zackery Lasante Canskate 4.

The Starskate program consists of figure skating skills in four areas: Skating Skills, Ice Dance, Free Skate and interpretive.

On March 12, Twilight will present its annual fundraising event, Skating Carnival with this year’s theme being “Skating Around the World.”

Established almost 40 years ago, Twilight has held its annual Carnival for over 25 years and after a brief hiatus, the event resumed two years ago and evidently has not lost any of its original momentum.

The Carnival is the grand finale to the Twilight skating season and always a big event. Last year’s Carnival, held at H.W. Fish Arena attracted over 350 people.

Photograph: Twlight figure skaters taking their final bow at Carnival, 2016.

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