The Situation Room – Trump pulls out of ‘climate change’ agenda, and Canada should too

Mac Olsen
Kudos to President Donald Trump for his executive order to pull the U.S. out of the global ‘climate change’ agenda, and now we in Canada should force our elected leaders to do the same.

Trump signed the executive order last week, which included EPA regulations that crippled the American coal industry. He has his own agenda, of course, to bring back jobs to the U.S. and that’s fine.

But, as I have said previously, I want him to lead the charge across the globe to reverse the left-wing ‘climate change’ agenda.

‘Climate change’ is a fallacy and those on the left are determined to impose their will and propaganda by whatever means necessary. That includes manipulating the media to buy into their agenda.

Case in point, on March 28, the CTV News Channel interviewed Rachel Cleetus of the Union of Concerned Scientists in the U.S. If you watch the interview from start to finish, it shows that the CTV News reporter directed her line of questioning in a pro-climate change manner and Cleetus answered with her full pro-climate change voice and mannerisms.

It was a scripted and masterful performance for the left-wing, pro-climate change agenda. It just confirms to me that major media organizations cannot be trusted on this issue.

Nowhere was there any indication that the CTV News reporter challenged Cleetus about her position on “climate change.” No questions were asked about the possible upside of Trump’s executive order.

And no one was interviewed who could offer an alternative or challenging opinion against Cleetus and the “climate change” agenda.

CTV News, in effect, is guilty of media bias in promoting one opinion/side of an issue over another. CTV News was not fair and balanced in its coverage of Trump’s executive order.

If they had said that they sought someone who offered an alternative opinion to Cleetus, but that person declined, then I might have accepted that there wasn’t necessarily media bias in this case.

But, all the questioning and pronouncements were in favour of the “climate change” agenda. So, I find that my distrust of major media organizations is warranted.

We here in Canada should push back against our elected officials who force their “climate change” agenda on us. That includes Prime Minister Justin “Pretty Boy” Trudeau and Premier Rachel Notley.

I’m glad that the prime minister has not received a national consensus on the need for his federal carbon tax.

Kudos to Premier Brad Wall of Saskatchewan and Premier Brian Pallister of Manitoba for not signing on.

During the First Ministers Meeting in Ottawa last December, they announced they would not follow his lead. And I hope they stay the course.

Their example is what we need to stand up and say enough is enough to this pro-climate change agenda.

Then there’s Premier Rachel Notley and her cursed carbon tax. It’s just another tax grab with no benefits to be derived whatsoever.

Instead of unnecessarily taxing Albertans’ energy needs, she should be creating a positive investment climate for the petroleum industry.

That means tax credits and investment incentives to create meaningful and high-paying jobs in the petroleum industry. This will create real prosperity in this province – not the “green” agenda that her f***ing carbon tax is based on.

Oh, and I pose this question to the premier.

Why did you go to COP21 in Paris in December 2015? Why did you spend thousands of dollars of taxpayers’ money so that you and an entourage could go to a love-in with the tree huggers?

You could have communicated with them via satellite or Skype to deliver your love-in message, saving thousands of taxpayers dollars in the process.

Instead, you chose to use taxpayers’ money to travel to a “climate change” conference which, I will point out, required the use of jets to get you to and from Paris.

Jets, if I understand right, also emit pollution, which you would also tout as harmful to the world.

Thus, it’s hypocritical of the premier to promote the “climate change” agenda while enjoying the benefits of a technology that allowed her to make that trip in the first place.

This is not to say that I don’t want to see improvements in energy efficiency and less pollution. I have long touted banning drive-thru service at fast food restaurants. The amount of pollution that vehicles generate while slowly making their way to the drive-up window teller, is one way that we can substantially reduce vehicle pollution on an annual basis.

Also, buses and commercial transports should be mandated to reduce unnecessary engine idling, especially during extremely cold winters. I appreciate that vehicles like these need warm-up time. But they don’t need to be running for hours and hours at a time or even overnight.

Morever, solar power has its applications, such as for stop lights at intersections and lighting up municipal signs.

The new building at the High Prairie Fish and Game Association’s shooting range north of High Prairie uses solar power as well.

Energy efficient light bulbs and weather stripping for doors and windows are also practical.

But I draw a line in the sand against this left-wing “climate change” agenda. It’s time to stand up against the propaganda that media organizations like CTV News are swallowing.

It’s time to say “No!” to those who impose their will on us. We must not let these left-wing zealots intimidate, bully or ostracize us for our questioning and opposition to their agenda.

Most of all, we should not accept meaningless and unnecessary carbon taxes. They are just another undue financial burden – a form of stealing money from individuals and families – and for which we derive no tangible benefits from.

So, let President Donald Trump be our guiding light, to oppose the “climate change” agenda of these left-wing groups and tree huggers the world over.

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