Trees to fall in name of air quality

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

Ensuring that the quality of air is monitored is a top priority for the M.D. of Smoky River council.

However, at its existing air monitoring station, a few trees will be biting the dust for it to continue operating.

Council heard at its Oct. 14 meeting the current station is currently non-compliant.

“There are some issues,” said Councillor Andrew Trudeau.

“That place is non-compliant.”

As a result, a second location was found.

“I have issues with that spot,” said Trudeau, noting power would have to be supplied to the site.

As a result, he brought the matter forward to council to see if they had any suggestions.

“As council, do we have a parcel?” he asked.

“Or do we recommend it stay in the same spot and upgrade it?”

“They can’t run that with solar power?” asked Reeve Robert Brochu.

No, was the answer he received.

Council decided to leave it at the same location and spare a few tees on all sides. Test sites must be free of trees on all sides for a required distance to ensure accurate readings.

Brochu added he preferred the current location because “that’s where the majority of the wells are.”

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