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Chris Clegg
South Peace News

Bylaw passed, deadline in effect

McLennan town council has implemented a deadline to get residents’ waste collection bins off the street.
Council gave three readings and passed a bylaw at its June 14 meeting.
The bylaw orders residents to remove their bins off the curbs 24 hours after waste collection day.
Council discovered they had no bylaw directing to remove the bins, so one became necessary.
In a related issue, council heard problems have arisen with the new service. One street was missed two straight weeks, while Councillor Luc Dubrule added his street was missed “this week”.

Lessard appointed to tourism group

Council appointed area resident Francis Lessard as its representative on Mighty Peace Tourism.
Council heard Lessard volunteered to serve as a member and quickly agreed, noting Lessard is the president of Smoky River Tourism and had an obvious interest.
Councillor Marie-anne Jones noted part of the appointment include regular reports to council.
The appointment is effective only until after the Oct. 18 municipal election. Afterwards, at the organizational meeting, the appointment will be reviewed.
“There might be others around the table who might think otherwise [want to serve],” said Councillor Sue Delauriers, after it was suggested the appointment be longer.

Council OKs transportation program

Citing good value and a needed service, council decided to contribute to the Smoky River Transportation program for another year.
“Many seniors use this program,” said Councillor Sue Delaurier.
Council also heard many people rely on the service for trips to Peace River and Grande Prairie.
The Alberta government formerly provided an unconditional $3,200 grant which council used to fund the program. When the grant was discontinued, council provided the money from its generating operating budget.

STARS calendars for sale at office

The Town of McLennan will be selling STARS calendars at the town office until December.
STARS serves the Peace County with air ambulance service and has several fundraisers each year to help offset costs. The calendars have ben sold for many years.
STARS has made a similar request to other municipalities. The Town of High Prairie and Big Lakes County also have calendars for sale.
STARS also suggested municipalities purchase calendars and put them in Christmas hampers.

This and that

. . .CAO Lorraine Willier reported McLennan RCMP Detachment S/Sgt. Mark Hall is being transferred to Athabasca. . .Susan Ouellette was appointed as a weed inspector.

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