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Economic development participation debated

The Town of McLennan’s participation in Smoky River Economic Development may hinge upon a presentation at its Dec. 14 meeting.
A request for money to operate in 2021 was on the table at council’s meeting. The group is requesting about $14,000 for operations.
“What is happening in the economic development world that would make it worth staying?” asked Councillor Dwayne Stout.
The question will be answered Dec. 14 when the group is scheduled to attend council’s meeting. As a result the request was tabled pending hearing from the organization.

Meetings to continue as scheduled

Council agreed to continue its meetings on the second Monday of each month, as usual.
The decision was reached after two new councillors were elected during the Oct. 26 byelection: Terry Calliou and Luc Dubrule.
If the meeting falls on a holiday Monday, it simply moves to the next day.

The value of physician recruitment

Council approved the 2021 requisition submitted by the physician recruitment co-ordinator.
The requisition was $3,206.50 or $15.09 more than last year.
No one opposed the request.
“We definitely need this as an area,” said Councillor Sue Delaurier.
“This is a very good board. It’s well-needed.”

RCMP reports crime is decreasing

McLennan RCMP detachment Sgt. Mark Hall, and Chief Supt. Rhonda Blackmore, attended the meeting with some good news for council.
In general, crime is decreasing!
Property crime has dropped seven per cent due in part to the monitoring of repeat offenders.
“It’s not a bad community,” said Councillor Dwayne Stout.
“It’s three bad kids in the community.”
Council was also pleased to hear the RCMP is developing a replacement for the Drug Abuse Resistance Education [DARE] program, with McLennan slated to be one of four pilot projects in Alberta.
Council heard the only increase in crime was in domestic crime due to COVID and people being kept indoors.

Swan count: 700+ counted in 1 day

Council heard a report that the annual swan count indicated a high of just over 700 in one day.
The count occurs from Oct. 2 to freeze over.
Councillor Terry Calliou was interested to see if the number was higher or lower than past years.
Meanwhile, Councillor Sue Delaurier wondered if swan counts had any connection to water levels. That is, if the water level at Kimiwan Lake is high, so is the bird count. Water levels were high this year, she noted.
The count has occurred each year for 27 years.
Council is requesting the numbers from Darby Heckbert.

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