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Chris Clegg
South Peace News

Arena storage idea may be on ice

McLennan’s H.W. Fish Arena will not have ice this coming winter for winter sports.
As a result, council was looking at ways to utilize the space. One idea proposed was to use the pad as storage for vehicles, said Councillor Sue Delaurier at their Sept. 14 meeting.
However, after speaking with their insurance company, CAO Lorraine Willier informed council they would have to put a fence around the entire building.
“It still has to be secured,” said Willier.
“It has to be properly ventilated because it has vehicles in there,” she added.
And, the building must be checked at least every 48 hours.
Council was less than pleased with the news and received the item for information.

ATCO franchise fee remains same

There will no increase in the fee charged to ATCO Electric for doing business in McLennan.
Council decided at its Sept. 14 meeting to keep the fee at the same rate as this year.
“I make a motion to leave it alone this year,” said Councillor Dwayne Stout.
“It is only another form of tax.”
An increase in the franchise fee does generate revenue for council but ATCO merely increases rates to customers to make up for the fee as an added cost to do business. McLennan’s rate is 24 per cent of distribution revenue.
The ATCO Electric franchise fee also remains the same.

Adopt-a-Basket program pitched

Council was very pleased with the appearance of the downtown flower baskets this year, commending public works staff for the excellent care received.
It was suggested that council consider an Adopt-a-Basket program next year where businesses and/or citizens purchase a basket.
Council decided to remove the baskets Sept. 18 provided public works were available to do the job and not busy with other duties.

STARS invited to council

Each year, STARS representatives ask for support around the Peace region for their program, which saves lives by transporting victims to hospital for quick treatment.
Council agreed to invite STARS to a future meeting to make a presentation before making a decision.

Council moves to help fire victim

Knowing it is difficult to deal with all the issues after a fire, the Town of McLennan is trying to help a recent victim.
Council agreed at its Sept. 14 meeting to put a resident owing an approximate $3,500 bill to the Town on a payment plan to be determined, instead of demanding the entire sum in one lump payment.
“I’d be completely happy with a payment schedule set up,” said Councillor Dwayne Stout.
The possibility of waiving the bill was also discussed.
“I don’t think it should be waived,” said Councillor Sue Delaurier, summing up the feeling of council.
If the bill is not paid, it’s added to the tax roll the following year.

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