Town of Falher will take request to MD of SR

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Falher town council plans to take another approach to ask a neighbouring municipality to provide funding for an engineering study for a road widely used by people of the region.
At its regular meeting Nov. 10, Falher council passed a motion to request the Town appear as a delegation at the M.D. of Smoky River council meeting Dec. 8 to discuss a plan to upgrade Second St. SW., also known as Cemetery Road.
Falher council will request Smoky River council provide funding and support an application for an Alberta Community Partnership grant for an engineering study.
An initial quote of $10,905 for an engineering study was presented to council at its regular meeting Oct. 12.
The grant program provides support for regional collaboration and capacity building initiatives.
Falher council has discussed the deteriorating condition of the road on the town’s west boundary for months and waited to approach the Smoky River council until after government elections in October.
“The new council needs to the see how important that road is,” Mayor Donna Buchinski says.
“It benefits the whole region.
“If we decide to close the road, it will affect their residents.”
Councillor Daniel Morin agrees presenting the issue as a delegation will be more helpful than another letter to request funds and support.
“Maybe a delegation will help answer some questions they may have,” Morin says.
Over the past months, council has suggested write a letter to Smoky River council.
The study would identify existing infrastructure and condition, existing roadway maintenance, drainage upgrades and options to upgrade the road, CAO James Bell says.
At its regular meeting June 9, council discussed concerns about the road with administration and public works.
“Some of the issues include dust control, speeding, heavy truck access and road damage,” Bell says.
Council and administration would approach those issues systematically in an attempt to solve as many as possible in an effective and efficient manner, he notes.

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