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Richard Froese
South Peace News

Council plans open house in fall

Falher town council continues to plan for an open house in the next few months.
At its regular meeting May 10, council discussed the open house as it works around COVID-19 restrictions and risks.
“The open house probably won’t happen until the fall,” Mayor Donna Buchinski says.
Council first planned to host the open house in June. However, COVID-19 restrictions prohibit large indoor and outdoor gatherings.
She predicts restrictions will be reduced in the coming months as more people are vaccinated and the number of cases is reduced.
“If things open up in the summer, people will start to be more comfortable,” Buchinski says.
During the open house, council plans to present several proposed projects and ideas and welcomes suggestions and response from residents.

Weed and pest inspectors appointed

Council named the weed and pest inspectors for 2021.
Council appointed Normand Boulet, David Skinner, Raymond Rey and Mitchell Visser as inspectors under Section 7 of the Weed Control Act and Section 10 of the Agricultural Pests Act.

Weed and pest appeal committee

Five people were appointed to the weed and pest appeal committee.
Council appointed Denis Boucher, Marcel Limoges, Andre Lussier, Darcy Tokarz and Lucien Houle to the appeal committee under Section 19 of the Weed Control Act and under Section 14of the Agricultural Pest Act.

Development permit approved

Council approved a development permit for property in a light-residential zoning which includes a structure that exceeds the compliant sizing maximums.
The application was approved within the variance allowed in the land-use bylaw, CAO James Bell says.
Council did not approve a non-compliant structure.
The applicant wrote a letter to council asking to approve construction of a building over-sized and non-compliant.
Council discussed the matter and recommended that the development officer compromise with the landowner and offer a maximum variance of 20 per cent in line with Section 3.3.6 of the land-use bylaw rather than accept non-compliant developments.

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