Town approves curling rink repairs estimated at $20,000

High Prairie town council is providing a $20,000 grant to the High Prairie Curling Association to pay for repairs and renovations, expected to be completed this year in time for the 2022-23 curling season.
Council decided to pay for the repairs after hearing at its April 12 meeting they owned the land where the rink is located.
“This is our responsibility,” said Councillor Judy Stenhouse.
The money will come from council’s grants and organizations budget, leaving council with about $15,000 to spend the rest of the year.
High Prairie Curling Association president Darla Driscoll submitted the request to council on behalf of the club at the March 22 meeting. The $20,000 is budgeted as follows: $5,000 for stairs and exit; $5,000 for the entrance roof; $4,000 for a camera at one end; $2,500 for walkways; $2,500 for eavestroughs; and $1,000 for LED lights.
The question of who owned the building arose with no definite answer provided. Administration was given time to come up with an answer. CAO Rod Risling provided the answer after finding a 1968 lease agreement indicating the Town owned the land.
“At the end of the lease it doesn’t have an end of date, it [the building] becomes the Town’s,” Risling told council.
“At the end of the day, the property is the Town’s,” he added.
Driscoll added she spoke to county council, who indicated they were reluctant to put capital money into the building because the Town owned the land [building]. Risling questioned the argument because the county does put money into the indoor pool and arenas.
“I see them all as being exactly the same, said Risling, adding the High Prairie Golf Club has also received money.
Councillor James Waikle asked Driscoll if the curling club would be interested in updating the lease. Driscoll replied the club had a meeting the next day and she would ask.

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