Too costly for McLennan’s liking

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

The plug has been pulled on a proposal to bring an electric vehicle charging station to McLennan.
Council decided at its July 11 meeting the venture was too expensive.
Earlier, council agreed to apply for a federal grant to install the station near the Kimiwan Birdwalk.
“ATCO provided as a ball park figure for information purposes only of $30,880.55 for a D23 general service to bring 3-phase power to the area. . .this cost would not be covered by the grant,” CAO Lorraine Willier told council.
The news continued to get worse.
“In addition to this we would pay approximately $120/month for the service, if someone used the charging station that cost would increase, of course,” Willier reported.
“For a D21 general service there would be no upfront cost; however, it would be approximately $2,000/month for the service and – again – if someone used the charging station that cost would increase.”
After hearing the report, debate ensured.
“We’ve got to decide if we want to get into this,” said Mayor Jason Doris.
“Northern Alberta and electric cars. . .?” he questioned.
“I wouldn’t want to be in a snowstorm with an electric car,” said Councillor Maggie Gervais, who later added she has family members who do not drive electric cars in winter.
“I my opinion, this isn’t something we need to jump into,” said Doris.
Council unanimously agreed to shelve the idea.

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