Three candidates running in McLennan Council by-election, September 26

Tammy Stout

Tammy Stout is a long-term resident and homeowner in McLennan, who has worked for the past two years at Tolko Industries in High Prairie.

Having carefully thought it through, Stout says she realizes that running in the municipal by-election is not just some casual position, but that it is a commitment to be the voice of McLennan residents on council and that she plans to fulfill that obligation until the next municipal election.

“I am running for council to help the existing council in making decisions, bringing concerns forward from our residents and to make those tough decisions that make us all proud to be from McLennan,” she says. “Sitting on council is not an easy job, those sometimes-tough decision needed to balance our budget or increase or decrease our taxes are decisions I am willing to make.”

Tammy Stout is familiar with the process of calculating taxes and creating a municipal budget.

“I understand what council can and cannot do. I am not coming in blind thinking I can change the world, but I am also not here to feed you full of unreasonable promises,” she says. “I am one person with a strong voice who is willing to sacrifice my personal time to come and assist the current council.”

In the spirit of friendly competition, stout wishes the other candidates good luck, and said she is pleased to see others putting their names forward to run for council, people who want to be part of that exceptional team for the same reason she does: “I am not afraid to tell it like it is.”

Tom Henihan

Tom Henihan has lived in McLennan since 2012 and has worked as a reporter at the Smoky River Express for the last five years.

“Because McLennan has this interesting quality of being a close-knit community and is also open and welcoming to others, like other newcomers to the town, I experienced firsthand how those qualities really help to ease the transition from newcomer to community member.”

His job as a reporter also put Henihan in a unique position to learn about McLennan and the region from various perspectives.

“Being a reporter with the community newspaper gave me the opportunity to speak often with representatives of McLennan’s volunteer and community organizations, business owners, educators, and numerous other individuals,” he says.

“Through those conversations I have acquired a sense of people’s concerns and expectations and that knowledge could be useful in representing the community on council.”

Shirley Ominayak

Shirley Ominayak has lived in McLennan most of her life, she has a lot of family in the area and considers McLennan her home.

Like the other two candidates, this is also her first time running for council.

“I would have to learn as I go because this is new to me,” she says. “I’m not a politician by any stretch of the imagination but I am honest, I’m not afraid to speak my mind and I’m a good listener. If I can do something to help someone or better something, I’ll try.”

Ominayak says she does not plan to canvass but wants people to know that she is running and wants them to vote for her, “because they know me as an honest person.”

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