Things are working out at new McLennan Fitness Centre

by Tom Henihan

The new McLennan Fitness Centre, located in the north wing of Ecole Providence, has been open for 6 weeks with approximately 30 memberships from the immediate community and with members from Donnelly and Falher also.
“Some members work in McLennan and live in Donnelly or Falher and they usually hit the gym on their way home from work,” says McLennan Recreation Board member Armand Valiquette who was  involved in organizing and setting up the new facility.
“A lot of the old members from the former gym are back, which is great and we are gradually getting new members also,” says Valiquette.
The money raised from memberships goes back into developing the gym by acquiring new equipment.  At present, the gym has cardio equipment, elliptical, stationary bikes, a room with a foam-padded floor for stretching, yoga etc, and a weights room, dedicated to heavy weights, bench press, dumb bells, squat rack, and table equipment.
A woman in the community donated a new, top of the line exercise bike, and a punching bag and battle ropes, which are already at the gym will be installed and available for use soon.
The McLennan Gym offers 3 month, 6 month and annual individual memberships plus family and business memberships with the cost decreasing incrementally the more employees that are registered.  People need to be at least 12 year old to use the gym.
While physical exercise has many health benefits, increased physical activity can also pose issues for people with existing heath concerns. The Par-Q is a questionnaire on the back of the McLennan Fitness Centre registration form, and for adults who are planning on a more intense exercise regimen answering the Par-Q questions is an advisable first step.
The gym is open 24 hours, 7 days a week with members provided with a key for a $30 refundable deposit. While the facility functions on something of an honour system with members free to come and go according to their own schedule, there is surveillance as a precaution against theft or vandalism.
Though the Gym opened at the beginning of October, a grand opening of the facility is still in the works with a date for the event to be decided on at the McLennan Recreation Board’s next meeting on Tuesday November 24.
For anyone requiring more information about McLennan Fitness Centre please call Armand Valiquette at: (780) 837-5474.


A member of the McLennan Fitness Centre having an early afternoon workout.
A member of the McLennan Fitness Centre having an early afternoon workout.

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