‘The value is there’

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

There is no question the High Prairie region gets more value in STARS service than anyone else, but how much they are willing to contribute and how much they can afford is another matter.
Glenda Farnden, senior municipal relations liaison for STARS, attended council’s meeting Jan. 10.
To the crux of the matter is the High Prairie region receives about $250,000 worth of services through STARS flights each year.
Town council contributes $8,000 per year while Big Lakes County chips in with an annual contribution of $25,000 for a total of $33,000. Doing the math, the region receives about 7.5 times the value they invest – a good return by anyone’s standards.
In addition, High Prairie is served by STARS bases in Grande Prairie and Edmonton.
Town council has contributed various amounts annually since 2008.
Farnden asked town council to consider a flat rate contribution of $8,000 per year. Previous years, the contribution was determined by a flat rate or per capita population basis.
Council will consider the request at a future meeting.
“The value is there,” Farnden told council.
“The partnership is there,” she concluded.

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