The squeaky wheel gets the grease!

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

Chalk up a win for the Town of McLennan!
Concerns over lack of services provided by the Mighty Peace Tourism have resulted in a savings and better service for council, they heard at their Feb. 14 meeting.
At its Jan. 10 meeting, council expressed its displeasure with Mighty Peace and the services received in 2021 including lack of McLennan tourist information on Mighty Peace brochures and the website. It prompted council to ask for a free membership in 2022 and continue efforts to work with Mighty Peace to promote the town.
Cost to buy an annual membership is $2,096.15.
Mighty Peace responded and offered council 5 1/2 months credit on their 2022 membership, a savings of $960.74. They also offered an explanation of how money is spent.
“They were nice enough to explain where all the money goes,” said Mayor Jason Doris.
Council’s rep on Mighty Peace, Luc Dubrule, attended the Jan. 31 meeting and praised their efforts, saying they apply for many grants.
“They’re very good at digging up money,” he added.
Dubrule said he checked the updated website and was pleased.
Council accepted Mighty Peace’s offer of a discounted 2022 membership.
“I think it’s worth a shot,” said Doris.

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