Teens sentenced for ‘violent’ 2022 assault on HP merchant

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Two male youth involved in assaulting the owner of a High Prairie business in September 2022 will serve several months on probation.

A 17-year-old male and a 16-year-old male, who cannot be named under the Youth Criminal Justice Act, were sentenced to probation for nine months Jan. 29 in High Prairie youth court.

Both pleaded guilty at a previous appearance.

Court heard the teens were with another male youth who entered the Tomato Boy store on Sept. 19, 2022 and assaulted owner and clerk Greg Radstaak, Crown prosecutor Kelly Payne said.

“They tried to rob the Tomato Boy of liquor,” Payne said.

She added neither boy was the leader in the incident.

Radstaak tried to intervene when the boys assaulted him, the Crown added.

“It ended up quite violent,” Payne said.

“It was a failed robbery.”

She credits the two teens for an early guilty plea.

“It’s good the youth are taking responsibility,” the Crown says.

Justice S.P. Hinkley told the teens getting involved in the incident was a mistake.

“It was something that went south real fast,” Justice Hinkley said.

“The measure of a mistake is do you learn from it?”

Both teens are required to complete 20 hours of community service by the start of the final month of probation.

They were ordered to have no contact with Radstaak and to stay away from Tomato Boy.

Both are also required to take treatment and counselling, live at home and are banned from possessing or using firearms and weapons.

The incident occurred around 1:18 p.m. when two boys entered the store, High Prairie RCMP reported at the time. The scuffle ensued before police arrived.

When police arrived, officers arrested two boys Radstaak was fighting with, the third was quickly arrested. He already left the scene after become involved in the attack.

Two others serving as lookouts escaped.

High Prairie S/Sg. Bryce Tarzwell described the incident as a “shoplifting gone bad”.

“In an attempt to get stuff, an altercation ensued,” he says.

Any injuries Radstaak sustained were minor. He did seek treatment at the High Prairie Health Complex and quickly returned to work.

The third teen was charged with uttering threats, possession of property obtained for crime, assault and assault with a weapon.

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