Tammy Henkel resigns from school board

Tammy Henkel
Richard Froese
For Smoky River Express

Tammy Henkel has resigned from High Prairie School Division board of trustees.

The board received her letter of resignation at its regular monthly meeting Dec. 19, says an HPSD news release dated Jan. 8.

However, she will remain on the board for three more months.

“It is with regret that I tender my resignation from High Prairie School Division board of trustees effective April 18, 2019,” Henkel says in a letter dated Dec. 3.

“I am grateful for having the opportunity to serve on the board of a fine organization.”

She is one of two trustees for the High Prairie area.

“My resignation comes at a time of change where I feel I cannot fully commit the time needed to continue in my role as a trustee,” Henkel says in an email message.

She became a trustee in October 2010 and has chaired the board for the past four years.

“I will very much miss being an elected school board trustee for the High Prairie School Division,” Henkel says.

“I feel strongly about education in our division and in rural Alberta and hope that our board will continue to fight for equity for our students.”

She is confident the school division will continue to promote rural education.

“We have a passionate and committed team of educators across our division who do great things for our students,” Henkel says.

“I know that our board will continue the work that we have done to promote and protect education in our rural communities.”

Nomination day to fill the vacancy will be scheduled in the coming months, followed by an election day if required.

A new trustee will fill the term that ends in October 2022.

Henkel is the second leader on the board to resign since local government elections last fall.

Board vice-chair Joy McGregor resigned as a Slave Lake trustee last October.

Voters will head to the polls in a byelection Feb. 4.

Three candidates will be on the ballot, including Steven Adams, Sean McConnell and Sherri Smears.

Candidates filed papers on nomination day Jan. 7 and the list was posted on the Town of Slave Lake website.


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