Taekwondo clubs hold end-of-season testing day

Carson Farney takes his turn at power breaking, under the supervision of a coach from the Iron Tiger Taekwondo club in Manning.

Mac Olsen
Express Staff
Members of Smoky River Taekwondo and Iron Tiger Taekwondo of Manning met at Georges P. Vanier on April 1 for their annual end-of-season testing and advancement day.

Alain Johnson, head instructor for Smoky River Taekwondo, is pleased with the outcome.

“It was a good year,” he says. “Many students are moving into advanced training next year. We’re fortunate to have blackbelt instructors to help with instruction and guidance.”

Forty students for both clubs participated. They were evaluated for their forms, sparring and kicking techniques, as well as power breaking with their hands or feet. Each student recevied their certificate and new belt for advancing.

Near the end of the event, Grandmaster James Lo for the World Taekwondo Federation in Edmonton, offered a kicking demonstration with a student from the Iron Tiger Taekwondo Club.

Smoky River Taekwondo will start again next September. For more information, call Johnson at (780) 618-1202.

It took a few tries, but after four coaches got the angle of the board and their stance right, Melanie Simard managed to break it.
Grandmaster James Lo works with Barrett Dawydiuk of Iron Tiger Taekwondo to demonstrate a kicking technique.
Sparring was one of the activities the taekwondo students were tested for.

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