Sunrise opposes provincial police

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

Northern Sunrise County council continues to oppose the Alberta government’s plan to form its own provincial police force.
At its April 12 meeting, council received a letter from Colin Buschman, Western Government relations advisor, National Police Federation, asking them to join their “Call to Action” to scrap the provincial police idea.
“I have no problem with us signing this document,” said Councillor Dan Boisvert.
Council has long opposed any plan to form a provincial police force and led the way in drafting a resolution which was passed by the Rural Municipalities of Alberta.
“It falls along this line,” Councillor Corinna Williams agreed.
Northern Sunrise has also voiced frustration several times over the lack of input sought by the government.
Buschman wrote the government should invest any proposed new money into “underfunded critical services” in Alberta.
“This injection of funding would have a larger and more immediate impact within our communities to improve community safety and the health and well-being of all Albertans,” wrote Buschman in an e-mail April 4 to council.
The Alberta government has been less than specific about what the formation of the police force would cost. To date, no detailed funding model has been released explaining how much or who would pay. Northern Sunrise fears the cost will be downloaded onto municipalities.
Buschman wrote in his letter the proposed cost is estimated at just over $1.2 billion over six years.
“An overwhelming 84 per cent of Albertans support retaining the RCMP and believe the Government of Alberta should instead focus on addressing the root causes of crime and social services,” he wrote.

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