Study to determine future of St. Andrew’s

St. Andrew’s School building in High Prairie may be renewed or replaced as Holy Family Catholic Regional Division launches a value-scoping project to determine the building’s future.

Richard Froese
South Peace News

St. Andrew’s School building will be replaced or renovated to create a current and modern learning environment.
At its regular meeting Feb. 15, Holy Family Catholic Regional Division board awarded a contract to Group2 Architecture Interior Design Ltd. to conduct a value-scoping project, says a HFCRD news release March 9.
Supt. Betty Turpin says the aging school facility has long been a priority for the school division.
“St. Andrew’s School has been our number-one capital project for a number of years,” Turpin says.
“The value-scoping project will inform the board on whether to modernize or replace the St. Andrew’s School building.”
She says the current facility was originally constructed in 1957 as a one-storey school building.
Several additions were completed in 1963, 1971, 1985, 1990, 1991 and 1998.
Value-scoping sessions will facilitate a consultative process with stakeholders that will include analysis of functional needs, programming development of facility options and financial implications.
High Prairie trustee Leanne Cox says the school building needs an upgrade.
“I thank the Government of Alberta for supporting St. Andrew’s School in its endeavour to provide a 21st Century learning environment for students in High Prairie and surrounding communities,” says Cox, a graduate and former teacher at St. Andrew’s School.
“Our students and staff deserve the most modern facilities.
“I look forward to the upcoming workshops as we move towards submitting our division’s final report to the government.”
Turpin says the study process was scheduled to start March 13 with a review of background information.
The local process is scheduled to conclude May 17 when the board plans to review and approve the report at its regular meeting before the report is forwarded to the ministries of education and infrastructure.

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