Student-led science fair pleases teacher

Three boys teamed up for a project entitled Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Learning. Left-right, are Ricky Bambrick, Aryaman Kukreja, and Dax Peters.

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Grade 8 students at Prairie River Junior High School in High Prairie promoted their projects at the school’s annual science fair March 7.

The fair changed directions from previous years, says teacher Keith Davidson, who co-ordinated the event.

“Our aim this year was to have a more interactive and student-led science fair,” Davidson says.

Grade 7 and 9 students were invited to participate in the interactive projects and be part of the experiments.

“We actually started this idea last year and found student engagement went up significantly,” Davidson says.

“So, this year the goal was to fine-tune the format.”

Projects were evaluated towards the students’ science marks.

“I’m looking forward to next year’s science fair as I’ve found the new format has a lot of potential to foster even more engagement from students,” Davidson says.

Top projects did not automatically qualify for the Peace Regional Science Fair as they did in the past, he says.

“Regional science fair participation is voluntary and projects are assessed slightly differently,” Davidson says.

“We have had students participate in the past and probably this year as well.”

The 2024 regional science fair was held March 15 in Peace River. Top winners from that event qualify for the Canada-Wide Science Fair set for May 30-31 in Ottawa.

Bottle Cap Racing was the project made by students, Tamikah Prince, left, and Eva Mindel.
Jaxin Halverson shows his Water Filter project to find out if polished rocks or non-polished rocks make a better water filter.
The Bubble Solution was a project presented by students, Terwyn Willier, left, and Arianna Sander-Ferguson.
What Melts Ice? That was the project presented by students, Halle McLeod, left, and Ellie Herben.
True Ferguson, left, and Rossie Milsap demonstrate their Slingshot Fun project at the fair.
Bacteria from Playschool was a project completed by Hannah Copeland. Bacteria at Playschool? Who would have thought!

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