Strategic Plan presented to Peace River council

Emily Plihal
South Peace News

Earlier this month, Peace River Council held its regular meeting to deal with new business that had arisen.
The 2022-2025 Peace River Strategic Plan was presented to council for consideration. Members of council and senior staff met earlier this year to identify direction for its community and to determine a long-term vision and plan for the administration and council. The plan will act as a roadmap for council’s decision making and priority setting for the town.
“The report is an update for council in regards to their strategic plan, says interim CAO Tanya Bell.
“Administration did post a short time period for an online submission opportunity prior to council potentially adopting the document.”
The high priority goals set in the plan include ensuring the town of Peace River remains a sustainable and vibrant municipality, encouraging investment and employment in town, enhancing a downtown that people will want to visit, fostering a safe community, and ensuring that everyone who want to can find a home in Peace River.
“It was good to get some feed back online,” says Mayor Elaine Manzer.
“Some of the feedback mentioned SMART goals and solar but I think that is kind of the next step when we start to put time elements to some of the things.”
The request for decision was accepted as presented. A copy of the strategic plan can be found www.peaceriver. ca/council/strategic-plans/.

Fire Truck request

Fire Chief Tim Harris approached council to request purchasing a fire truck from Northern Sunrise County.
The town has been using the truck to temporarily rent the unit for 9 months to replace the missing unit in the fire department’s fleet.
After Northern Sunrise County’s meeting on July 12, they decided to offer to sell the truck for $20,000 to the town.
“During the time we’ve had the unit, the 2015 Tahoe, it’s been very useful to us,” says Harris.
“We’ve used it to transport personnel to fire scenes and to training, used it for medical responses rather than taking the big trucks and used it as a command unit.”
Harris notes the fire department has been maintaining the unit as part of the agreement with the County, so they’re aware of the work that has been done and how it operates.
Harris requested to purchase the vehicle from the general capital reserve.
After some questioning and deliberation about the vehicle, council approved the purchase from Northern Sunrise County.

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