Aubrey Stenhouse, new member of Donnelly Council, interested in all facets of local government

Aubrey Stenhouse

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

Aubrey Stenhouse decided to put his name forward for Donnelly Council and do something for the community when he realized there were vacancies on council with no candidates to fill them.

This being Stenhouse’s first time on council he is approaching the matter with an open mind and sees the initially phase as a learning experience.

I guess I want to see what the role requires. I first want to learn how it works and reevaluate things from there.”

Stenhouse has a broad interest in all aspects of being on council and is interested in learning about the role councilors play on local committees.

Already I can see that there is a lot more involved in a town the size of Donnelly, that there is so much more going on than you would realize.”

Stenhouse will sit on four local committees – Guy Donnelly Sportex Committee – Regional Economic Committee – Donnelly Recreation Society – and Disaster Services Committee.

Married with two sons ages two and four, Stenhouse is a gas plant operator for Long Run Exploration. He was born and raised in McLennan and has lived in the Village of Donnelly since he was eighteen years old.

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