Statement from Sacha Martens

“The inaccuracies [regarding incorrect dates on the resume] were not refuted.
“Second, Ms. Poole was a candidate. Not personnel. At the time I presented background information.
“I care about the outcomes of this town. I care about being accountable to the people who elected us. I care about stewarding our funds wisely. This is the premise of my service on council. As such, I performed due diligence and background checks on all candidates. And presented the findings. The candidates were subsequently not considered because of said red flags.
“The role of CAO is foundational to our town.
“The role of CAO is built on trust and integrity. Council relations and fit within the organization, and community, are also key. With public consternation, and council split on this hire, we are already at a disadvantage.
“Moreover, all findings were brought before council privately, prior to the regular meeting on June 14. As well, before the mayor [Brian Panasiuk], on June 3.
“The decision by council to simply dismiss glaring red flags is concerning. To me. And to the citizens of this town, who ultimately pay the CAO’s salary.
“In the world of HR compliance, falsifications on a resume and less-than-stellar refence checks, is taken seriously. Not rewarded with an appointment.
“We are spending big dollars here.
“The ratepayers have a right to know the truth about how their funds are being spent.”

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