‘Stand By Your Firefighter’ plaque for former Donnelly Fire Department, 92 years of history

03 MO VillageOfDonnelly-FireDepartmentPhoto(FOUR-COLUMN)

After 92 years of service, the Donnelly Fire Department has been amalgamated with Smoky River Fire and Rescue. However, the history of the Donnelly Fire Department will live on in the form of a plaque. In December, Mayor Myrna Lanctot presented the ‘Stand By Your Firefighter’ plaque to members of the former fire department. The plaque has been placed on a wall in the fire hall in Donnelly. In the photo above, left to right (front), are Charlie Doyle, Myrna Lanctot, Gerry Lanctot, Heather Servant, Diane Benoit, Cun Lu Sutton are Petter Sutton. In the back from, left to right, are Darcy Servant, Gerry Benoit, Wendy Garant and Norm Garant.

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